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I’m an Accountant, I’m not a CPA and I don’t do taxes?

There is a lot of confusion among the general public regarding accountants. I tell people that I am an accountant and they assume 2 things, that I am a CPA and that I do taxes. Neither of these things is true and neither disqualifies me as a subject area expert. So, since I don’t meet the basic assumptions, therefore I am just a bookkeeper. Also, not true and far from what I do and love.

Can I be qualified as an accountant? I hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have been doing accounting in some form since I was 15 (over 30 years). I’ve been the controller for multiple organizations and have worked with many businesses.

Accounting is so much more than bookkeeping, it’s organizing and following principles that keep the business’ books in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. It’s analysis and creating a financial picture that helps business’ make financials decisions. It is keeping your books in order so that you are ready to have your taxes done in a timely fashion. It’s understanding where you are spending your money and how you can change your financial picture. It’s understanding your customer base, where your money is coming from and where you really want to spend your time and putting your marketing efforts towards those goals. Accounting is goal planning and meeting the targets of your business because you understand the whole picture. So, let’s be clear: I am not a bookkeeper or a CPA and no I don’t do taxes, but I do help you grow and shape your business to take it to the next level.