Rogue Solutions
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Taking your business to the next level
Taking your business to the next level

Sharpen your financial picture and help your business grow

You started your business because you had something valuable to offer. But managing your cash flow and planning for financial sustainability is not in clear focus.

Now you’re struggling to do it all, making important decisions without a clear understanding of where you stand financially.

This reality is all too common—and not a great plan for success.

If you’re:
  • stressed out about getting billing or invoices out on time
  • struggling to pay bills because of irregular cash flow
  • constantly behind on your books
  • ready to revamp and train your staff new skills
  • afraid you won’t be ready for tax season
  • unclear on the big financial picture
  • getting by with a traditional bookkeeper (or doing it yourself), wondering if you’re missing something
You need Rogue Solutions.

We take care of your financial picture so you can run your business

With our expertise, you’ll add a personalized Chief Financial Officer to your team and get the solutions you need to help your business thrive.

Becky Brown
iWrite, Ashland, OR

“Tammie and her team are a HUGE asset to my business. As a sole proprietor, I only have so many hours in the day and number crunching is not my happy place. Thanks to Tammie’s expert oversight, my business is becoming more financially stable every month, even in the midst of a pandemic. I am so grateful for the skills I’ve developed in the four years I’ve worked with Rogue Solutions Accounting. I feel so much more confident about the solvency of my business. I couldn’t do it without them!”

Dr. Nick Nichols
Humble Home Care

“Rogue Solutions allows our company to focus on our core business, giving us peace of mind that all financial matters are being taken care of in a timely and thorough manner. Thank you Rogue Solutions for giving us the freedom to grow our business effectively!”

Zach Hodapp
Medford Radiator

Tammie and her crew have been Great. We’ve been using Rogue Solutions for years!

Dr. Brigid Crowe
Wild Fern Natural Health

Tammie and her team took over my bookkeeping a few years ago.  The transition was seamless and effortless (for me!).  She listened carefully to our needs, took the time to understand our business as well as our goals and she takes these into account when offering solutions.  The Rogue Solutions team is reliable, consistent, communicative, and responsive.  I know that they will do what they say when they say they will do it and this frees me up to focus on my own work.  Tammie takes the time to review reports with me each month, interprets trends in my business, and offers possible solutions.  Throughout the month, the team is available to answer any questions we have and to help troubleshoot any discrepancies.  Her service, reliability, and integrity have been invaluable to my business.  

-Dr. Brigid Crowe

Kristen Lyon
Jefferson Farm Kitchen

Working with Tammie was one of the best decisions I could make for my business growth. For someone that is more prone to making things up as I go and learning the long and hard way how NOT to do things, Tammie has implemented her steady hand and methods, as well as accountability and structure to my books and financial outlook. She has held my hand in a very comforting and professional way, helping me make steps I wish I had done years ago. I can not wait to continue working with her into our second full year together and see it as an essential part of my budget, especially since she combs through my monthly reports to find places to save money and cut costs. Tammie is an irreplaceable part of my team in my young and growing business!

Sandy Goodell
SL Goodell Insurance Services, Inc.

I can easily say Tammie and her staff are phenomenal. Many years before hiring Rogue Solutions Accounting and Bookkeeping, LLC, I dealt with bookkeepers who did not have the knowledge, expertise, and speed that Tammie and her staff continue to carry out daily. Tammie is highly intelligent and intuitive with a clear vision of complex financial data. I highly recommend Tammie Schmidt-Kirk for any business whether small or large, she will take on the heavy lifting that is, again, phenomenal.

Danielle Williams
Stratotech Valve, LLC

Rogue Accountant has been great to work with. Tammie is such an amazing help when it comes to our bookkeeping; she answers our questions quickly and always guides us along when we are unsure about something. Working with Rogue Accountant has made our life easier and definitely more organized when it comes to our accounting needs!

Andrew Morrison
Tiny Houses & Morrison LLC

Tammie has been a great resource for me as both a mentor and a second set of eyes on my books as I take on the challenge of handling my own bookkeeping. She is quick to respond to my questions and always brings a depth of understanding to the issues I face that quickly clarifies things and moves me forward.

Chris John

Many thanks to the team at Rogue Solutions! Such a relief to have our books in order on a regular basis. Having their expert insight and guidance on finances has been critical as we survive and thrive as a business.

Jason Cole
Cole Family Vineyards LLC

Rogue Solutions has been an invaluable addition to our company.  I really can’t imagine a better bookkeeping and payroll service.  Their ability to build custom systems that work for our specific needs has been impressive.  They are always there when a new problem comes up, ready to problem solve and make sure the job is done right.  This has been all the more critical during the pandemic…it would have been much harder to navigate the various aid programs without their help.  Always on the ball, they have never let me down!